The American Dream…or not?

What is the American Dream? Success? White picket fence? Perfect house? Great paying job?I think somewhere along the way, I was starting to buy into the idea that in order to have a happy life I needed certain things. A huge house. Great paying jobs. Nice cars. Vacations left and right.


Over the past few years, especially over the last two, I have really felt God shifting my focus in a HUGE way and unveiling my eyes to look at the things that truly matter. I realize that none of those things interest me. I think it’s easy to get caught up in keeping up with the Joneses’ in a society that thrives off of comparison. Especially in the age of social media, where people can airbrush their lives or show you only what they want you to see, which is typically the best part of their lives.

Yet, I’ve felt God completely flipping my world upside down and allowing me to see things through a different lens. Here is what I find TRULY matters to me:

  1. My faith.

This is the foundation of who I am. The very core of my being. Let me be even clearer. Living a life for Jesus is what matters to me the most. Because of this, I believe that even in the midst of chaos, my heart can be at peace. I won’t be shaken when life throws crazy things my way.

2. My family.

My family matters deeply to me and the decisions I make are centered around what is in their best interest. As a mom, I ask myself – “Is this decision the best decision for my boys? Will this affect them positively? Will this create a better life for them when it comes to quality?!” As a wife I ask myself, “Does this decision work in the best interest of my marriage?” These are the questions that guide me.

3. Pursuing our dreams. Better yet, pursuing God’s dreams for our lives.

Let it be always said of me, that I lived a life of dreaming HUGE God-sized dreams AND pursuing them? What does that look like for us? That looks like possibly one day opening up our home to foster care children, adopting, church planting, writing songs/recording, and whatever it is that God plants in our hearts to do. I believe everyone on earth has a purpose/destiny. I want to walk in it for my life.

I want my kids to see the fact that their Mommy and Daddy followed their dreams. This will enable them to do the same.

4. Leaving a legacy.

I want to leave behind a life that speaks volumes. A life that mattered. I want to live a life that serves others and lives beyond herself. As a mom, wife, teacher, friend, daughter. That’s my desire.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to want nice things. What I’m saying is that we can find ourselves so caught up in these things that we forget what truly matters. In an instant, it can all change. Hold on to what truly matters.


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