THE BOYS STARTED PRESCHOOL YESTERDAY. It’s completely unreal. I feel excited, sad, shocked, proud, wistful…so many emotions swirling through my heart. It feels like they were just tiny little babies and now they are in preschool. img_9607img_0633img_9601img_9606img_9599img_9593As you can see, the emotions were all over the place. Since I’m a teacher and had to work, my husband took them in. He changed his work schedule so he could bring them in every morning so we wouldn’t have to pay for wrap around care. I get to pick them up every day and on the first day, they were sitting happily drinking apple juice and eating animal crackers at a table with other kids their age. Today one was eating a snack, and the other was being read to. I can’t believe the boys have hit this milestone. I’m so proud and excited for them as this new chapter begins.

I’m officially the mom of two Preschoolers!


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