Potty Training Struggles are Real. Part 1.

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3 thoughts on “Potty Training Struggles are Real. Part 1.

  1. intunewithmyautoimmune says:

    I am with you!! My son is three and a half and could care less. We were told three was the magic number…wrong! We make him do the potty training thing because preschool will reject him if not, but it is not going well at all. Loved your post because we can relate!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      AH, so good to hear other moms in the same spot! It IS tough. I think kids will go when they’re ready, but I don’t want them to take forever either. I ordered urinals for the boys! They are frogs and when they pee on the frog, his tongue spins (sounds gross, lol boys) my cousin tried it and said it worked for her well! So we will be owners of six contraptions for the boys to go pee in. Let’s see if they pee in ONE.

  2. intunewithmyautoimmune says:

    Oh and side note…we have that same gate in front of the TV after our son threw a toy at it to break it. He also sprayed windex on it! We have the Mickey potty too and he makes it clap when he has not done a thing. The other day he peed on the floor through his underwear and shouted “Good job…you did it…thank you very much!” Smh

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