[Day 1] Spending Freeze

So today is the first day of our spending freeze. It was supposed to be yesterday, but I forgot that I scheduled dinner with one of my close friends who was moving out of town (from New Jersey to Iowa…how I miss her!) so I decided to push the freeze until today. It will last until March 1st, a day before my birthday.

So far, so good. Day 1 of this freeze includes setting ground rules for what this looks like for us. I explained it in my last post, but here is more of a breakdown.

Things we will absolutely NOT buy this month:

  • Amazon items – This is big because I buy off of Amazon ALL the time. With Amazon Prime and one click shopping it’s super easy to buy items…not necessarily for my wallet]
  • Starbucks – I buy from Starbucks weekly. Especially at Target.
  • Clothes – Another guilty pleasure. E-Bay especially.
  • Movies – February is a big movie month for me because of all the chick flicks that come out. Not this month!
  •  Rentals, music, and television shows from iTunes – especially easy because we have Apple TV.
  • Random Target “Must-Haves” – Ummm…Target-a-holics Anonymous anyone? ME.

Things we have committed to paying for this month:

  • All of our normal bills.
  • Our contributions to our church [tithing – something for us that is noncompromisable…giving in general and/or blessing others if we feel led to]

Grocery/Toiletry Items We May Buy this Month:

  • Food/items for the boys – fresh fruit, diapers, wipes, food, anything that is considered necessary, focusing on the keyword necessary
  • Bread, milk, eggs, or any perishables that we run out of – items like cheese, bread, and milk is something you can factor into your allotment for the month

The whole point is to set ground rules that work for MY family. We can obviously adjust according to plan, but the whole point is to do a spending freeze, so the goal is to not spend at all and instead save that money. I will be happy if we have a surplus of $400 dollars for the month…or anything!

Today wasn’t too hard at all. I think it’s much easier to not spend during the week. The weekends will be the most challenging, but I’m hoping it will push us to be creative and resourceful! Money doesn’t have to equal fun. Each day there is a task that you are supposed to do. Today’s task is – getting started and establishing the ground rules. Here’s to a great start!


4 thoughts on “[Day 1] Spending Freeze

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    I hope you make it! Let me ow if you find a Target-aholics anonymous group. I may need to join. There’s no way I could do a spending freeze this month though, since two of my three favorite consignment sales are this month. I’m hoping to sell more than I spend this time since I’ve spent so much on summer clothes already.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Ah, I can see why it would be a difficult month! The book talks about how there really is no “good” month, but when there are special things like that happening or birthdays you can allot a specific amount! I chose February because it’s the shortest month! Haha! If we do well with it, I may try for a longer month! But in your case, I can understand why this wouldn’t be a good month! Day 2 going strong, let’s see how this plays out lol.

      • randomsqueaks says:

        I agree that there is no good month. Some are worse than others though. I really need to get us back on a budget so I may try a modified version where we *gasp* just try to stay in budget one month. 😉

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