A new season of motherhood.

Life with two boys who are two and a half year old has been chaotic. There have been an abundance of ups , a few downs, and altogether I think I have changed so much as a parent. Cool if I write a brutally honest post?

The first year the boys were born, I was overwhelmed (obviously with twins) but struggled a lot with my new identity of “mom.” The boys are now two and a half years old, and we’ve come a long way! This year I have learned to be content in this season of motherhood. I realize that I don’t have to give up all parts of who I am and can STILL be me and do the things that I like to do and not be a “bad mom.” A mom that takes this time for herself is a healthy mom, in my opinion. I have also learned that there are things that I CAN’T do in this season and that’s also okay. It took me a LONG time to be okay with that.

There will be a time where life won’t require a substantial amount of planning.

There will be a time of no more diapers.

There will be a time (hopefully) of no more tantrums.

There will be a time of order and a house that doesn’t look like a tornado (TWINNADO) hit it.


At two and a half the boys are SO much fun. They talk a lot more, say things like, “Hi Mommy, I missed you!” It’s pretty charming. They play with each other, have clear likes and dislikes, can verbalize those likes and dislikes, and love to be with each other. They will be starting full-time preschool for free in the fall at the best pre school in our city and I’m really excited for that because I hope that they will continue to flourish.

The most difficult part of two year old hood:

  • Tantrums – when these happen I would love to hide myself in a cave underground and not emerge for a long time. The valve would be stocked with chocolate, Netflix, and a few of my favorite books.
  • Picky eating – Dear Twins, I’m sorry your mommy refuses to be a short order cook. You will eat what I give you and when that doesn’t work I will cave and end up giving you something to appease you and you will like it!
  • Entertaining during the cold – it’s harder to take the boys out on adventures when the weather is miserable. I am looking forward to spring and summer!
  • Learning – since they aren’t in preschool, I want to make sure that they are where they should be. I think that speech can improve but I see growth happening so yay for that!

The boys don’t really hang out with anyone else but each other. When we are around other kids, they will play with them, but we aren’t around other kids often – so preschool will be the test. But that’s still a long ways to go!

As a teacher I’ve been on winter “break” this week. If you are a mom, you know that it’s not a break really! It’s just a different kind of chaos located in your home instead of the school. We also have my husband’s family staying with us, which in itself has been quite interesting (because my home is the size of the dollhouse and there are a total of eight human beings under one roof, four of hose eight being under 12). I miss the blog world. I’m taking a break from social media and some other things in my life so I can pursue things that I love and not cave to time wasters. This includes not watching as much television or Netflix. Wish me luck! I also can’t wait to catch up with everyone’s blog! Xo



7 thoughts on “A new season of motherhood.

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    I am LOVING the 2 year old stage, even with the harder parts, he is so sweet and does funny and adorable things. And is teachable, which is a fun change. I can’t believe our boys are already looking towards preschool, but they just keep growing! Your boys are so cute! Enjoy your last few seconds of winter break!

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    So glad to have you back! I’ve been wondering how your boys are doing. Can I join you in your cave occasionally? The tantrums are better at the moment but my boy is soooo emotional and it’s just killing me. Do your boys get upset at the smallest thing and throw themselves dramatically on the floor?
    I hear you about preschool. I’m hoping to get my two in daycare/preschool part time next fall. I really want a chance to be away from them for a while but it looks like to afford it, I’ll have to work at the daycare. I guess dealing with other people’s kids instead of my own is a good enough change, right?
    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      YES one absolutely throws himself on the floor when it’s a really bad tantrum. It’s pretty horrifying. One is pretty calm and reasonable while the other seems to turn into the Hulk and just get mad. We’ve had to keep our foot down with him or he will walk all over us. It can be a little overwhelming! I think mostly because it wasn’t his personality but it seems to be a new side of him. Hoping he outgrows it!!!

      • randomsqueaks says:

        My little guy is more of a drama queen “the world hates me and I hate it back” pouting, throwing himself on a fainting sofa type. I used to offer him a hug and he always accepted it but I just can’t always do that. I leave him be if he isn’t crying and he gets over it pretty quickly. Not what I expected but better than Hulk-like I guess.

  3. Joanne says:

    I love this post. I can totally relate to the lost identity thing. Now that Aisha is almost-two, I am starting to feel like i’m getting my goove back. But her father wants another and I’m torn; a playmate for the girl, or happily ensconced in my decision to be a mother-of-one? I admit, I am envious of the time you have left to blaze trails…I’m 42 this year and I know I have to make some big choices – and soon! 😀

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