Christmas with toddlers. Oh boy!

Let me start off this post with a very telling picture:


This happened a few days ago. Early Christmas gift from the MIL. First off, let me say that my boys now relax on recliners nicer than that of their parents…but wait, their parents don’t even HAVE recliners. So yep, my boys are already making a better life for themselves than their parents. Haha. The recliners are only a “part” of their Christmas gift from one of their grandmothers (mother-in-law).I can tell it’s going to be quite a Christmas already. My mother-in-law posted a picture of her tree with about 3829 gifts underneath of it, presumably 90% of those gifts for my boys. How sweet right?! YES….but my house is TINY. By tiny, I mean…TINY. You can stand in my living room and get a view of the entire house. I have no dining room and I have a galley kitchen .It’s an itty bitty house. Last Christmas my boys were given loads and loads of gifts. Gifts that take up a good portion of our living room. For their birthday they were given one of those little basketball hoops. It is still sitting upstairs. There’s no room for all of it. Now we have come to Christmas time. I’m filled with excitement and also a slight dread. What massive, immovable, unfoldable items will they receive? A mini-house to play in? A kitchen larger than my own? Two cars to ride around with?! Oh-my-lanta. I will keep you posted! I’ll have to take a picture of the aftermath.

Life with twins has been super interesting lately. It’s a cross between absolutely loving it and wanting to pull out our hair. They’re just so darn cute that it’s hard to stay upset when they…

  • Grab the bowl of oatmeal from you hands quicker than you think and dump it all over the carpet.
  • Scream bloody murder because you took your cell phone away from them [after they hurled it at the floor one to many times..]
  • Spill milk all over your new outfit. Then wipe their boogers across your shirt.
  • Throw tantrums because you said “no” to them.
  • Wake up in a bad mood for Christmas pics.

In the end, the cuteness just ALWAYS prevails. It just does. They are also so much more fun. The feeling that I have when I make them smile is indescribable. Just the idea that I can change their sadness into joy is amazing. They love their mommy SO much. They are such momma’s boys. I love them so much. Here’s a sampling of life with the boys:

Nat and Jose and the twins (8 of 69)

But mom, I don’t wanna!


Nat and Jose and the twins (13 of 69)

And…this is what trying to take Christmas pics REALLY looks like.

Nat and Jose and the twins (22 of 69)

And we have a wanderer!


Nat and Jose and the twins (27 of 69)

You will read a Christmas book, and you will LIKE IT!


And here are our actual pictures, some of which made it on the Christmas card 🙂 I think we’ve accepted that taking pics will never be easy. Maybe not until they’re teens?! Maybe?!

Nat and Jose and the twins (25 of 69)

Nat and Jose and the twins (32 of 69)

No one else I’d rather be on this journey with than this guy right here.

Nat and Jose and the twins (36 of 69)

Nat and Jose and the twins (48 of 69)

Nat and Jose and the twins (56 of 69)

This picture sums up our life. Love holds it all together ❤

So in case I’m unable to blog in-between now and Christmas, I wish you the most amazing Christmas. Spend it with your friends, family, loved ones…whoever matters to you. I will be doing some crazy traveling with my husband and the boys (think 21 hours in a car…with breaks obviously, but still…TRAVEL TIPS WITH TODDLES OR BABIES?! PLEASE TELL ME!) and will be posting all about it after the Christmas break. Love you all ! ❤




5 thoughts on “Christmas with toddlers. Oh boy!

  1. runningafterale says:

    Yes! The cuteness out weighs everything! I also have a small home. Its a challenge but it forces us to stay neat (most of the time) and limit toys. (My living room often looks like a garage with every kind of vehicle parked throughout!). Happy holidays!!

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