Tantrums in Toddler-ville.

Let’s talk about toddler tantrums! The boys are 15 months old and have been testing out a new aspect of their personalities – tantrums! They don’t happen all the time, but when they do…are they a doozy! This morning, one little guy was particularly angry:


If I take something away that they want, they get pretty angry. Micah in particular has been throwing down. This doesn’t happen all the time, but like I said…when it does…oh LORD. With Micah, it’s random. He will get really angry, throw himself on the floor, scream, the whole nine yards. My response is to ignore him. Sometimes he will follow me around screaming and as I continue to ignore him, he eventually stops. When he throws a tantrum in his crib though, it’s another story. He starts to jump up and down, scream, and sometimes accidentally hits himself on the railing. This happens once in awhile, but I’m not quite sure how to defuse him. Josiah sleeps through it all. Josiah has freak-out moments too of ear piercing screams, but they aren’t very often. I guess when these moments of craziness DO happen, it’s traumatic. 95% of the time though, they are happy little buggers.

I can’t get over how they don’t look like little babies anymore.

And here are some other pictures of life with twin boys:


Not going to lie, I’m starting to enjoy baby boy “fashion.”


This is what happens when BOTH babies want to hang with Mommy at the same time!


Daddy comes home and this is the scene πŸ™‚


Playing together. LOVE.

My MIL has still been watching the boys for us for the majority of the time with my mom watching them about once a week. Hubs is pretty much completely full-time. It was supposed to be part-time but it blossomed into full-time and we just went with it! Other changes, we finally found a new church we both feel really excited and happy to be a part of. This Sunday we will start attending full-time and are super excited! Words to describe this church – humble, serving, passionate, real. Importantly, it’s very close to home!

Let’s talk Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving we will be together as a family. HUBS WILL NOT BE WORKING! This is amazing because he was involved in retail for over ten years and has pretty much worked the majority of the holidays. Last holiday I spent with one of my best friends but she lives in TX now. So this year our plan is to start our own family tradition. What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving? Keep in mind this Thanksgiving will be spent with just the hubs and my boys. It won’t be too big. Anyway, this is all for tonight. I need to catch up on reading some blogs. Xoxo!


8 thoughts on “Tantrums in Toddler-ville.

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    Ah, tantrums. My V is already working on those. I can’t believe how big your boys are though! My babies already look nothing like their younger selves and I just don’t want them to get any bigger!
    For Thanksgiving traditions, most of mine revolve around family, since both sides live in our city. But of course we have traditional foods that appear every year. My grandmother’s cinnamon candied apples are my favorite, along with standards like turkey and pumpkin pie. My SIL makes amazing mac n cheese and green bean casserole. My grandmother, mother, and MIL pull out the fancy china and pretty tablecloths. With my big family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. I was sad to miss it last year because I could finally say I was thankful for my beautiful babies. And despite all the sleep deprivation, I’m still thankful for them this year.
    Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting for traditions but those are the things that mean Thanksgiving to me. Hope you create some fun ones for your family. πŸ™‚

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    And of course I thought of one more thing. Don’t try to force traditions. I’ve learned the best ones develop naturally. Start them, yes, but if it doesn’t work or fit for whatever reason, it’s ok. This goes for Christmas too, when my MIL always talks about starting new traditions but most of them just don’t … well, fit.

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