And the miracles have begun.


The last time I wrote, I updated you on the fact that my husband resigned from his job. You can read about that here and here. A part of me was starting to panic just a bit, because as I’ve mentioned in previous posts…we have a busy summer ahead of us. An anniversary, a 1st birthday, and a vacation. Do I feel peace about it all? Yes. Do I still worry? Yes. The 1st birthday and the vacation were definites (I paid the majority of our vacation in advance) but when I sat down and went through our budget, I decided it would be best to cancel our trip to Baltimore to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. It just seemed logical. I called my husband, told him about the numbers and what I thought we should do and he reluctantly agreed. I was sad and disappointed but figured it made sense (not gonna lie, I cried). I haven’t had any time alone with my husband for any period of time since the boys were born, beside the occasional date night. Even that has been super sketchy lately. I made this decision on the last day of school for teachers, which was this past Thursday. I even texted my mom and told her I was cancelling, since she would be the one babysitting the boys for us

Fast forward to Friday. I woke up in the morning and checked our bank account since it was my husband’s payday. I noticed TRIPLE the amount that should have been in there. TRIPLE!!!! There was a second direct deposit from my job…what the heck?! I immediately sent out a group text to my girls from work, “Um, did anyone get any money from our job in their account?” Some said yes, some said no…but at most it was abuot $200 extra. I wrote back, “Uh….I have a lot of money in my account from our job and I don’t know why or what to do about it!” Obviously part of me says, “Just go with it lady…it’s yours!” but the wiser part of me thought that I should contact the payroll department and find out what happened and if it was a mistake. I didn’t want to spend the money and then owe it…especially if it was a simple mistake. My friends confirmed that’s what I should do (I have honest friends, hooray) and so I immediately shot an e-mail over to the payroll department that read:


This morning a significant amount of money was deposited into my account from the payroll department and I just wanted to double check and find out why it was before I spend it. I was out on maternity leave for most of this year, maybe that helps. Thank you!

I waited, waited…and soon got the following response:

You were owed that amount because of the way that we pay.  When you go out on an unpaid leave and then come back you are eligible to receive the next paycheck that is run upon your return.  If you complete the year we then go back and count the number of days you worked times your daily rate of pay and compare it to how many paychecks you received and the dollar value of those paychecks.  In your case, the number of days you worked was greater than the number of days you were paid for.

Enjoy your summer 🙂

UM – WHAT?!?!? AHHHH! I freaked out, praised God…and kind of sat back in awe at how this all happened. Random money deposited into my account that I wasn’t expecting but that we really needed. I feel like God is reminding me to trust Him and that we are going to be okay. We really are.


18 thoughts on “And the miracles have begun.

  1. Less to More says:

    Wow! God is so good! We had a similar thing happen when my husband stopped working a couple of years ago. “Random” money direct deposited into our account by his previous employer, but not random to The Lord. If you’re still set on canceling your anniversary getaway, I was gonna suggest a stay-cation anniversary. Since you have your mom to help with the kids, you can still have time alone with your husband. It is nice to get away and have a change of scenery, but to save money, you can have a relaxing, unhurried time at home with your husband and maybe hit some of the local spots that you haven’t been to yet.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Yes He is! Fortunately, I am still able to go on our trip now!!! YAY! We are also planning a lot of fun and free activities for this summer. I love the idea of a staycation!!

  2. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    I felt soooo much relief! I was able to catch up on some bills and pay some things in advance! Woot woot!

  3. journeyformybaby says:

    Somehow I unfollowed your blog. I don’t know when or how that happened but I wanted you to know that it was totally unintentional and I look forward to getting caught back up on your posts!!! 🙂

  4. Shanna says:

    Love it! Been away from the blogs for awhile, but glad I picked this as my first read coming back today – my Grandma calls that a God thing. I would have called too, and I’m glad it worked out so well!

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