Josiah slept through the night. I repeat, Josiah slept through the night. ?!?Whatttttttt?!?? Yes. I’m still in shock myself. Now we know that it is a true possibility! Could this mean less sleepless nights in our future?

Notice that something is missing. I said Josiah slept through the night. Micah? Not so much. He woke up at 1 am to feed and 4 am and decided at 4 am that he wasn’t interested in sleeping he didn’t. This meant that I did not get to sleep anymore. At 6:45 in desperation, because at this point he wanted to engage in vocal exercise (aka – screaming) I told my husband to text his mom to see if she would watch both boys while we slept. Thank The Lord she agreed..we were able to catch some sleep. It was one of those naps where you can literally sleep the entire day away if you could! So we are one step in the right direction and seeing light at the end of this sleepless tunnel.

In other news..tomorrow I’m chopping my hair off. Can’t wait! This long curly hair takes too long to unknot, style, all that jazz and I certainly have no extra time to waste. I will post a pic tomorrow. I leave you with this pic :


Micah looking slick since party mode. Josiah just hanging out. Chunkers!!


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