Infants and sleep, do share!

Hi moms! Can you share your sleep routine for your little one?, if you have one at all?

We’ve gone through a bunch of different things..

1. Both babies sleeping in the room, one on each side. You’re responsible for your side.

2. Putting each baby in their own crib. Epic fail. Micah loved the crib, Josiah hated it. We had Josiah in our room and Micah in the crib, then felt terrible so hubby slept in the nursery on the floor next to the crib so Micah wouldn’t be alone. Then we decided to nix the idea all together. Tried both boys back in the room.

3. Tried giving them a routine. Bath time at 8:30, feeding after bath, and then down to sleep with lullabies playing constantly.

Ding ding ding!

#3 has worked for the past two nights so far. We will see if it works long term. Babies wake up about every 3-4 hours for feeding and then they go right back to sleep.

By the way, the both HATE sleeping in their bassinet so they sleep in their rock and play. It also helps with their reflux since the doctors want them sleeping on an incline but I don’t want to put wedges in their cribs.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. Our boys are two months old and a week. What do you do to have your little one sleep better at night? Do share!



27 thoughts on “Infants and sleep, do share!

  1. gatorgrl2 says:

    Sounds like they are doing what they are supposed to be doing .. Being newborns 🙂 My daughter would only sleep in her bouncy too for a time. She didn’t sleep through the night until well over a year… And still wakes a few nights a week at 2.5 yrs. Keep up the routine and eventually it will be helpful. If you haven’t already, read up on the “fourth trimester” it may help.

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks! I did do some research on the fourth trimester and have used some of the techniques suggested.sometimes they work but not for both boys of course. Lol. Noooooo don’t tell me they might continue to wake at two years olds .. Lol the joys of parenthood I suppose!

  2. Laura says:

    Pretty much number 3! Except that our pedi recommended that we only bathe our 2.5 month old every 4 days or so. So, we “keep him up” during the day (which basically means not making an effort to put him into a deep sleep, but he still naps of course). Then at night, he gets a bottle that has more milk than he normally eats. We actually find that he sleeps best mid-morning when he can go up to 4.5 hours between feedings! Between 5-9 or so. Works for this mama (:

    • roadtofertility says:

      Yeah our ped told us the same but we decided to try every day because a friend of ours did with their baby to help establish a routine and it has worked wonders. There are times where we skip because I don’t want their skin to get all funky. Giving a bottle with a little more at night is such a good idea! I have to try that!

  3. Summer says:

    We are following Babywise, with our own tweaks included. We begin by waking Ruth up every morning at 6am. She plays for about an hour and then is tired so she takes a nap. Sometimes she plays longer than an hour, sometimes shorter. I feed her every 2.5 hours after that on an eat, play, sleep routine. In the evenings I feed her at 7. At 9 I wake her up, change diaper, put on PJ’s and feed her again. After that she wakes about 2:30am and I feed her. She either wakes on her own a little before 6 or I wake her at that time and we start over.

    We have learned her sleep cues pretty well and are able to just sit her in her crib and she falls asleep. If she doesn’t, she cries for a little bit and then falls asleep. If she cries for more than ten minutes we will go comfort her for a minute and leave again. We usually only have to do this once.

    I also adjust feeding times if she is hungry earlier than the 2.5 hours.

    Sounds like you are doing everything you can! 🙂 Those twins are lucky to have you!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Love Babywise..ordered it months before the boys were born and refreshed myself on it when the boys came home. Your suggestions are really helpful, usually right after the boys eat they sleep. Play happens at random parts of the day. Perhaps I need to incorporate that into our routine more regularly. What do you do for playtime if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Summer says:

        It depends on how tired she is. If she is really tired I give her a bath. She loves to play on her play mat (look in the mirror and try to hit the hanging animals), we look at black and white pictures, I talk to her while playing with her feet or hands (or read if I can’t think of anything to talk about), play peek-a-boo even though she has no idea what I’m doing, sing, play on the bouncy chair… really anything that will keep her awake. 🙂 We have been skipping the nap closest to bedtime because she goes down much easier and doesn’t seem to even really need it anymore.

      • roadtofertility says:

        Cool thanks for sharing! I use their playmat and some toys we have, I also like to sing and talk to them too..I like the idea of pulling pictures out for them to look at .. Good ideas!

  4. afamilyformcmanda says:

    here’s what I think… reflux stinks. Jackson is a puker, and so he sleeps in the swing in our room (with the lullabies… the make-me-crazy lullabies), he’s a noisy sleeper anyway, and then add the puking to it… anyway, i’m sleep deprived. and I have no helpful advice, but hoping you get some so I can steal it!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Yes reflux is the worst ! Micah has it worse than Josiah so it makes for one cranky baby! The lullabies make me crazy too..some are so creepy! Lol people have suggested some great tips by all means steal away!!

  5. Theresa says:

    We follow BabyWise – the routine of eat, play, sleep. At two months babies napped 4x a day and ate every 3 hours. Bedtime by about 8. I think the routine thing is important! But reflux does make it hard – we bought a reflux pillow (called the AR pillow) that you can put in the crib. They are a bit pricey ($100) but I felt more comfortable that way.

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks! Sounds like Babywise is the way to go, as I mentioned before I have not implemented playtime effectively so that’s probably where I need to work. I may need to invest in that pillow be cause I really want them to sleep in their cribs! Josiah just wails and wails and that turns into screaming..Ugh. So we need to work towards sleeping in the crib again..routine is everything to me

      • Theresa says:

        Here is a link to the pillow. It comes with one that is inclinced 30 degrees and one that is inclined 15 degrees. It only has one harness though so if you feel like one could tolerate the smaller incline (I prefer it personally, 30 degrees seems so steep) you could just buy an extra harness.
        Its really “awake time” that is more important than play itself. Awake time during the day (after eating) helps them not get days/nights confused. Play is always good too, of course 🙂

      • roadtofertility says:

        Thanks Theresa! Started working on awake time with Micah today and so far so good! That site has some really neat pillows! Thanks for the link, I will be looking into it for sure !

  6. Shanna says:

    Do they share a crib or each have one? A friend with twins told me hers would only sleep well together, not sure if that would work for your little ones or not. My little guy does better with a routine too. Ours is: bath (every 3-4 days) then the usual routine of: change into jammies, read a story or two, feed him, and rock while we say his bedtime prayers, then into his crib. He went through a phase of not wanting to go to sleep, and getting himself all worked up, so I broke the rules and put one of his stuffed toys in his crib in the corner where he could see it, and now it’s his best friend! He babbles to it until he falls asleep and when he wakes up. His doctor said the “no toys” rule is most important if the baby isn’t able to turn his head from side to side, so if that’s the case maybe put one on a little table outside the crib? Good luck!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Each baby has a crib as Micah’s pulmonologist has advised us to keep them sleeping separate (everytime I suggest they sleep together my husband is not too keen on it either..I think it’s a good idea) it’s something lm willing to try for the night if it will help them sleep better!! The toy thing outside the crib could work, we have one attached to the crib and Micah seemed somewhat interested lol

      • Shanna says:

        My doctor gave me great advice about this kind of “should I or shouldn’t I” sleep stuff – try it out during a nap a few days in a row before trying at night. That way you’re watching what they do and how it helps (or not), so when you do try at night you don’t have to be anxious. I did that with his teddy bear, made sure he wasn’t burying his face in it or pulling it onto his head in his sleep, so before he slept with it all night I knew that he liked to talk to it but wasn’t interested in snuggling too close. 🙂

  7. futuresoccermom says:

    I’m still trying to figure this out for myself as well, but we have recently started a bedtime routine and hopefully it will work! We start with a bath (I wasn’t going to do one every night at first but it passes the time and gives them that consistency), lights off, voices low, pjs, a feeding, and off to bed. We do not use the cribs yet – with the reflux, the flatness just isn’t going to work. That, and they don’t seem to like the big open space. They sleep in Rock n plays at night, swings during the day. However, we used to have them both in our room but just a few weeks ago we made the switch to have them in their own rooms upstairs (I have one nursery but two available rooms and DS is a loud grunter). We use lots of white noise and it’s been working for all of us.

    The only area we suck at right now is the actual bed TIME. DD takes 3 solid naps but ends the third one too early…so every night I’m stuck trying to decide between a short 4th nap or a super early bedtime. ANYWAY – this whole twin sleeping thing is HARD!! Lately it’s all I think about!

    • roadtofertility says:

      So glad to hear a twin mommy that can relate! A fellow blogger Theresa gave me a link to a site that offers cool wedges for the babies that help with reflux..they have harnesses so they are safe. Haven’t purchased yet but have been looking into it..she left a link under the responses for this post! The Rock n plays have been a saving grace. I want to have them in their own room too just because when they are in our room, with all of the noises they make it’s so hard to sleep! What do you use or whitenoise? I hear there are apps and what not but I haven’t downloaded any yet. Our bed time is at 9 but yesterday it was a bit later..we have to work on consistency more…we’re getting there. Heck yeah twin sleeping is hard..omg…it’s unreal…lol..but hopefully it gets easier!

  8. futuresoccermom says:

    I just checked out that link actually, thank you so much!! For white noise..we use a bunch of things (talk about lack of consistency). The thing we love most though, is the Baby Shusher app. It’s fabulous. In addition to that though, each baby has a fan going (turned around and not in a window, just for noise), on high, and DS also has a white noise machine made by Munchkin. It has sounds too, and a projector for when they are older. It’s pretty cool. Lots of noise going on in those rooms, haha.

  9. Veronique says:

    They are still so young!! Hang in there! Some babies sleep through the night easily, some don’t. My B/G twins were not on the same schedule at all! And I was going nuts! Until I realized that if I obsessed one more day about putting them on the same schedule and getting them to sleep through the night, that’s all I would remember from this very busy first year. So I just went with the flow. When my girl started sleeping through and her brother was waking her up, I put her in her own crib in her own room. Her brother still needed warmth and closeness. And he did for a good long time.

    You know what? I didn’t sleep much that year. But you know what else? I don’t regret the cuddles one minute. I remember that I was tired but I don’t remember it as a trauma. I’ll have a lifetime to sleep, this is just one (intense!) year that won’t come back. I am so glad I listened to my God-given mothering chemistry and gave my son the comfort he needed when he needed it! He was also a reflux baby and he suffered. And I was there. That’s what I wanted to remember from their first year and that’s what I remember.

    Now, they are 25 months old and they are bubbly and inquisitive toddlers. They nap together and they sleep together and they have a wonderful relationship. It does get easier!

  10. Veronique says:

    Oh, and I highly recommend the book “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp. Saved my sanity. The babies slept swaddled for 5 months and with white noise until 12 months!

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