Baby shower and officially enjoying summer vacation!

So June 22 was my baby shower. My mom and hubby hosted it for me and tons of my friends pitched in to help. Everything was fantastic…love my hubby, friends, and family sooo much for putting the day together! Here are just a few pics. More “professional” ones are to come, we are just waiting for the person to put them on a CD for us! These are just a few that friends and family took off cameras and phones 🙂

Here are some of my faves:


Hubby giving the babies a little kiss ❤


My beautiful niece..super excited for her first set of cousins!


Baby shower cake created as a gift for me from a friend at work!


My hubster and I, who put most of this together for me along with my Mom! Super impressed by hubster’s creative chops.


My girlies from my job! Love them and after the shower I found out they helped out in tons of ways, from decor to set up. So blessed! They purchased the Chicco Double Stroller for generous of them!


My brother in law and best friend..these are the two that will be getting married at the end of July, where my husband and I are MOH and he’s BM.

I had an amazing time and felt so much love from so many people. Everyone on the guest list came, to the point where we almost ran out of chairs! My church family from Delaware came as well which meant a lot to me and all of our family came through, except for my family from New York who sent me gifts through the mail. We now have SOOO many wipes and diapers, some cute outfits, some essential baby gear we needed and literally all of the furniture for the nursery was purchased for us as well. BLESSED. It feels more real every day that soon we will be welcoming two little boys into our lives.

We are having a hard time coming up with baby names. We had two that went well, but when we further researched them we weren’t too impressed on the meaning and we are big on name meanings. That put us back at square one. We may have narrowed it down to two once more but we still struggle at times! I wonder if we are going to be  those parents who don’t name their child until they see them (nothing against that!) I’m just such a planner I thought we would have everything down. We’ll see.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have our maternity photo shoot, but we may get rained out so we have a couple of rain dates saved. I kind of wouldn’t mind using the rain dates instead of tomorrow just because I don’t feel ready and I have absolutely NO idea on what to wear. I also didn’t get to purchase any props for the shoot and we don’t have our baby names either so we can’t do anything cute with that…so more time would be a good thing for me.

I’m 30 weeks and will be 31 weeks on Friday!! I’m in the 30s…hooray!! The boys move around often and seem to be doing well but space is getting tight! My stomach is veiny and tight tight tight. So far I’ve gained about 30 pounds for this pregnancy. All of my appointments are next week and I have my NST test along with more ultrasounds and a visit to the obgyn. My next thyroid appointment is on July 16th. We have some busyness happening for us for the next couple of weeks. My husband will be going away to the Poconos (about 3 hours from where we live) for his brother’s bachelor party this weekend..which I am really nervous about this far along in my pregnancy with TWINS. When he goes whitewater rafting he will be without his phone for seven hours straight. My best friend is staying over with me and I’m going to put my mom on “call.” I know I’m being paranoid but just having my husband far away during pregnancy makes me a little crazy! I realize that he has to have fun and this is probably his last “chance” to do something like this because once these babies are born…well, he won’t be going away anytime soon.

Anyway, I could go on and on but I plan on posting more frequently not that I’m on summer break! I’ll leave you with a pic of me at 30 weeks:

30 Week Belly

Last thing – mother’s…what bottles did you use and absolutely love? We are having a hard time deciding and are leaning towards Tommee Tippee. Thanks!


9 thoughts on “Baby shower and officially enjoying summer vacation!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks!! Yeah it was really sweet of him! All of it was a surprise and he was very detail oriented! I use life factory for myself now but I will have to check out their baby bottle line!

  1. MyFamilyIsMyHeart says:

    Cute pictures. It’s been a couple years since I bought bottles but when we did I know we didn’t like the tommy tippee. Whenever he would drink out of it the nipple would concave and we would have to pull it out. I can’t remember what we used after that. Good luck with finding a good one. I need to start my search in a couple months.

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks! I’ve heard a lot about Dr. Browns but heard they can be difficult to clean and with two I need something that is effective, efficient, and easy to clean! Especially since I have a teeny tiny sink.

  2. K says:

    Hey! You look great! My shower was Sunday too. I obviously haven’t used bottles yet but I’m tempted to try the Playtex nursers. They have the bags that attach. Seems easy to clean since milk goes in bags. Also it claims to mimic breast feeding. It’s that or I’ll try the Medela bottles that match the breast pump.

  3. Valerie says:

    Congrats on 30 weeks! You look incredible!! 😀
    Love the shower decor, and you are very blessed with all those lovely people helping out (including your hubby!)
    Just take it easy while he’s gone this weekend – keep those feet up! 🙂

  4. thebabydoctorswife says:

    Just found your blog and you are adorable! You look AMAZING! I love the Tomme Tippee bottles. Lots of nanny experience with different bottles have led me to them. I got them for our little girl. You are getting so close to the end!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks so much! I hear a lot of good things about the Tommee Tippee bottles. I like the way they look design wise and more importantly, I hear babies respond well to them AND they are easy to clean. They are at the top of my list so far (as I continue to research lol). Discovered your blog and I love it! Counting down the weeks until we meet our little ones!

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