27 Weeks and NO gestational diabetes! Almost 28 weeks!

I am 27 weeks and will be 28 weeks this Friday. 28 weeks is a huge milestone because at 28 weeks babies have a 90% of survival if they are born. For me everything has been a milestone. Reaching 12 weeks…hitting the second trimester..and 28 weeks. I can’t wait to be in the 30 week zone! Today I found out that Every day is a blessing!

Took my glucose test on Thursday and received my results today..no gestational diabetes! I am anemic though (test results revealed low iron) so I was encouraged to increase my iron. I can hang with that. I’m just so happy not to have GD. I was a little worried.Before the test I was also super nervous I would throw it all up, but my friends told me it tasted like flat orange soda and super sweet. Once I prepared my mind for that, I was ready and drank it like a pro. In the doctor’s office I ran into two other people I know who are pregnant and was able to kill most of the hour through conversation which was cool.

Some cool things that have happened:


  • We’ve received overwhelming love and support from everyone that we know.
  • Hubby’s mom and my mom went and bought us the cribs along with the mattresses.
  • We have already received super cute donations for baby boy clothes!!
  • The girls from my job chipped in to purchase me a $300 twin stroller…so happy!
  • I’m healthy, happy, and have had an “easy” pregnancy so far.
  • I’m pregnant with twin boys. After infertility treatments and so much pain, emotionally and physically. God is AWESOME.
  • In two weeks, school will be out and I can finally get my nesting on!

There are so many things to be grateful for. Let me focus on those amazing things!

I’ve been seeing my belly move in crazy ways which is pretty insane. Sometimes it looks like the waves of the sea. I do have marginal placenta previa which means that here is a good chance I will have to have a C section based on that alone. The babies are currently head down so if they decided to stay that way and I did not have marginal placenta previa, vaginal delivery could be a real possibility for me. I have my next ultrasound this Thursday so I’ll find out if my placenta is still in the same spot. I want to go full term!! Once school is over, I will really be able to take it easy and put my feet up and relax! That’s pretty much how I plan to spend the majority of my summer. If we last up to 37 weeks then I will be having these adorable babies in the 3rd week of August as opposed to September 6th. With twin pregnancy the babies are considered full term at 37 weeks.

Here is my cute picture for the week:

Hubby singing songs to the babies!


I do have to say that I have the most amazing husband in the world.

Okay, that’s all I have for you this week. Rooting for everyone out there and reading every blog post!! xoxo





4 thoughts on “27 Weeks and NO gestational diabetes! Almost 28 weeks!

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    can’t believe you are still in school in the middle of June! poor thing! we get out of school mid- to end-of-May around here!
    Like you, I can’t wait to get to 30 weeks. Feels like a safe zone to be in, and I’m sure it’s even more so that way with 2 babies in the belly!!
    Sending you good vibes…

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