What an insane weekend! Also, to those who have bad allergies..

I am 22 weeks. Here is a pic of my belly at 22 weeks:


It’s getting a bit bigger. The interesting things people say and do when it comes to pregnancy.

“You’re so small! Are you sure there are two in there?” Um..Yes, the last time I went to an ultrasound I had two healthy kicking and beautiful baby boys. Chill out.

“You’re so big!” Again how do you respond to this. Thank you?

– Are you going to get a C-Section or go vaginal? This is a personal “favorite.” I’m a teacher and people I work with feel the need to ask me this question in the middle of the hallway. One lady, a substitute, literally started demonstrating the incisions the doctor had to make “He cut me right HERE” she says as she points and attempts to reenact..IN THE MIDDLE OF A HALLWAY. I work with middle schoolers so it’s not like they are completely clueless. Just wow. Wow.

You’re going to go on bedrest.  This one probably annoys me the most. Just because, if I do I do and if I don’t I don’t but to tell me what’s going to go down with my body? Try again please.

On the brighter note, I am definitely feeling lots of movement, kicking, moving around..which is really interesting with TWO in my belly. One likes to hang around my pelvic area…while the other likes to chill out on my right side. Pregnancy is really fun and exciting but at the same time I want to fast forward to the end where I have two healthy little baby boys in my arms. Everything is a milestone. I think when I get to 28 weeks I will breathe a lot easier.

As for the title of this post – “an insane weekend,” here’s why:

My best friend got into a car accident this past Friday and had her car totaled. Thank God she was okay but my husband and I spent hours at the hospital on Friday offering our support. It’s scary to know someone you saw a couple of hours got into a car accident. She was able to be discharged and is fine. Then, on Saturday I get a phone call from my dad while I’m in the middle of my cousin’s baby shower telling me that my grandmother and uncle had gotten into a serious accident. They had to pull her out with the jaws of life. So I spent Saturday at the hospital by my grandma’s side..thank God she was not near death or anything. My uncle was okay too but they did admit him for several days for an irregular heartbeat (had nothing to do with the accident but they discovered it while they were treating him.) Anyway, they discharged my grandmother yesterday saying she was “fine” but would be sore for days.Then, today the doctor who treated her calls my dad hysterically crying saying she was so sorry but somehow she missed the fact that my grandmother had 6-7 fractures and also had fluid in her lungs. HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?!?!?!? They needed to readmit her to the hospital, then they were going to transfer her to Coop in Philadelphia. Insane. So I headed over to my grandmother’s house today when my dad called to help get her ready for the hospital which included doing her her, dressing her, and helping her pack. I love my grandmother with all of my heart (I look just like her) and didn’t mind..but my body has been exhausted emotionally and physically. I got her all ready to go and my dad took her and will be keeping me posted. What a weekend. I told my Dad he can sue the hospital but he doesn’t want to do that. I am just praying that God will protect her and everything will go smoothly. I hate to see her in pain.

That was my weekend. Now I am at home, blogging and trying to just relax for a little bit. I came home from church today and knocked out for a couple of hours.

Saturday morning I did pick up some much needed maternity clothes. I have been trying to build it up little by little, here is what I purchased from Target:



I also purchased one more maternity shirt in pink, not pictured and a black belly band. Super excited about the belly band! So needed. I was able to wear a pair of non-maternity pants with the belly band. Hoorah! Since I only have two pairs of maternity pants and they are a bit baggy since I have chicken legs lol.


My allergies have been kicking my BUTT. Since I am pregnant I can virtually take nothing that would actually work for me. My doctor has said that I can “Zyrtec” as necessary but that’s about it. Normally I would take Patenol (prescribed eyedrops) and Nasonex (prescribed). Patenol and Nasonex are both class C medications…so they are a no-no for me. What have you taken while pregnant for allergies that was effective? I’m open to home remedies as well.

Anyway, have a blessed and uneventful weekend! Xoxo




4 thoughts on “What an insane weekend! Also, to those who have bad allergies..

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    first of all, love the belly! secondly, that’s a stressful weekend! make sure you’re being safe and taking care of yourself! and thirdly, good luck with the allergies. saline nasal washes and saline eye drops may help some!

  2. Theresa says:

    Omg. I can’t count the number of people who also told me I’d end up on bed rest. Well 36w5d and counting, with no bed rest. So there. I’ve gotten the small and big stomach thing too. Most notably twice I’ve heard someone say “woah”. And one was a nurse on the maternity floor!

    I take Claritin for allergies and have taken one a day for most of the pregnancy. I don’t envy you there – allergies suck.

    I can’t believe that about your grandma – how do you miss that???

      • roadtofertility says:

        lol yes she did. She is quite shameless and always subs in my building and practically ALWAYS subs in my wing. She gives me unwarranted baby advice and is always trying to tell me her birth story. Some people.

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