Gender reveal! YAY. And other stuff.

I’ve been feeling so tired again lately. I know so many people talk about a magical burst of energy that happens during second trimester and that probably lasted like a week or so but I’m feeling downright exhausted again. I took a two hour nap. I also have a variety of appointments this week.

Monday – Appointment with my obgyn because I had a slight scare Friday morning. When I used the bathroom and wiped (TMI for some of you so skip this part..) there was a sight spot of pink/red..very faint. Nonetheless, I called my doctors office. Of course they are closed and I could call the answering service but since this happened to me at weeks five, thirteen and I went to the ER and everything was okay, I figured I would call during my lunch (11 am) and leave a message. Of course they don’t call me back for hours later (2:30 when they close at 3) and are like “Well, we wanted you to come in for an appointment but since we are closing…but here are your options..Dr. R wants you to be evaluated so you can go to L&D today or tomorrow or you can call the answering service…” Meanwhile the nurse sounds like she doesn’t even care at all. So I call the answering service and talk to my favorite doctor. First, he lectures me and says..”If this happened at 11 am, why are you calling now?” Um..HELLO I called your office like I normally do and like they normally do, they called me hours later and by that time the office was closed. *Sigh* He then asked me if it happened again at all and I told him no that it was once and then nothing afterwards and I told him about how this happened at five weeks, thirteen weeks as well..he told me to come in early Monday morning and if it happened again at ALL to immediately go to the hospital and not to even call to question it. Thankfully, nothing else happened this weekend. He is going to check my cervix and make sure everything is okay. When this happened at five weeks and at thirteen weeks they did the same thing and everything was fine so I’m hoping when I go in tomorrow everything will be A-okay. I’m feeling good though and can feel movement. I’m wondering if maybe it has to do with bowel movement since that’s when it happened each time.

Tuesday morning I have an appointment with the high risk doctor for the first time because, since I am pregnant with twins..I am automatically high risk so I will be alternating between him and my regular docs. Tuesday afternoon, an appointment with my thyroid doctor to make sure my levels are still good.

Thursday I have an appointment with my dietician/nutritionist. Her job is to make sure I’m eating all the right things, gaining all the right weight..etc. So far I have gained 10 pounds. She wants me to gain 40. When I told the nurse this at my doctor’s office she said that was way too much for my size. Um..what the heck. I am eating better, drinking WAY more water than I ever used too..and the fact that I’m drinking water is a miracle period, because I am so used to flavor. Now, I’m so used to all the water that when I taste things that have flavor..I kind of prefer plain water! What has happened to me?!

On top of all of that, I am the maid of honor for my best friend’s wedding. For those who have followed my read that she was not exactly thrilled to find out that I was pregnant. Well, guess what? Two more bridesmaids became pregnant. They are actually sisters and my cousins (and her cousins too..from different sides!)..and are exactly one week apart. At the wedding they will be about six months. When the bride found out the second bridesmaid was pregnant, she was not thrilled but was going to have her stay in it..however, when she found out bridesmaid number THREE was pregnant..she asked them both to step down. AWKWARD. Lately, that whole situation has been a lot of drama. My cousin M is extremely offended and upset, which I can understand..and has had a really bad attitude every time she is around the bride..which makes for really strange times for me because sometimes we are in the same yesterday for a baby shower!! I am close to the bride obviously, she is my best friend…and I am very close to my cousin M…she is my closest cousin…so at the shower I sat at my cousin’s table and then went between the two…and it was just wow times. It especially sucks because my cousin M was helping me out a lot with the bridal shower and contributing financially to the wedding. Her husband is so upset that he is refusing to come to the wedding. It’s just so much DRAMA! I am recruiting my husband to be a “bridesmaid” lol and I’m dragging him along with me to do everything. It’s been insanity. On top of that, I am going to be about 34 weeks for the wedding!! And I’m still in it’s a weird position for me because I’m pregnant too and am probably the one she should be concerned about the most..but I am still in it. It’s chaos. I don’t think my bride understood the impact that her decision would make on her relationships with these people. It’s even more crazy for her because they all attend the same church (my best friend’s dad is the pastor) and do everything together at the church. The dynamic has been very very weird. I do have one other bridesmaids who has been really helpful and that’s a plus. It’s just crazy times. I disagree with her decision but I am trying to stay away from it all as much as possible and just try to focus on my babies.

To be completely honest…that’s really all I even care about at this point. I’m not worried about anything else. My priority are the two little baby…BOYS that I have in my tummy! Here’s a pic:


Yep, we are having two boys! I kind of had the feeling! My husband took me to a place that specializes in 3D ultrasounds at 17 weeks because he simply couldn’t wait for the 20 week scan for a “Gender determination” ultrasound. There it was. The evidence. I wish I can say I was completely shocked but I wasn’t! The night before the ultrasound I had dreams and this thing inside of me all night that kept saying, it’s two boys, it’s two boys! When I woke up I told my husband..”It’s two boys for sure.” lol..and I was right. Also, at thirteen weeks when we had our ultrasound, during the ultrasound my husband said “Is that what I think it is?” while the ultrasound was happening and our tech said..”It’s really early..but it looks like you might have a boy!” sooo I kinda knew we were having at least one boy. Either way, I’m super excited!! YAY! My husband and I have also “kind of” decided on names..which is a miracle because we had a long list of girl names but absolutely nada for boy names..when we found out we argued about names for a couple of weeks. But today we “almost” decided on two we like. We will see!

Here’s what’s been going on with my belly/body: My belly button is starting to feel weird. I guess it is supposed to “pop?” I don’t know. Either way..I’m eying it closely. My belly feels pretty firm and tight most of the time. Some spots feel tighter than others and I can feel what I think is movement. At night, like once a night, sometimes my whole belly gets tight and it catches me off guard. My doctor said that this is probably growing pain and to drink lots of water. When I do drink lots of water, it helps. I have been getting back pain as well. It probably doesn’t help that our church is an hour away and I’m sitting in the car an hour each way..I’ve started to bring pillows for my back. Then, when I get to church I help out with the worship I am singing for an hour on my feet on the it takes a toll. I know that as I get bigger I will have to be cutting back for sure.I get left side pain often as well, but have had that since I became pregnant. I want more ultrasounds and want to hear the heartbeats everyday. *Sigh* But again, I am grateful.

Here is my 19 week belly shot:

I’m really thankful for my friend Trista who has given me a lot of clothes that help lend themselves well to my belly bump!

I’m out. Nighty night.


3 thoughts on “Gender reveal! YAY. And other stuff.

  1. Chloe says:

    i’ve been told i’ll have to see a dietician as well because i’m tiny & was a little underweight before falling pregnant
    but i think it’s all dependent on the individual ..

    so exciting you’re having two boys! we’re finding out at 20 weeks 🙂

    • roadtofertility says:

      Yeah I ended up seeing one because it is a service that is offered through my fertility specialist and it was mostly because I couldn’t hold food down for weeks. Pre pregnancy I was 100 pounds and so far I have gained about 10 pounds, all belly. It’s been helpful seeing her though. She gave me a meal plan and a bunch of other resources I’ve utilized so far.

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