18 Weeks, Being Pregnant as a Teacher, and Duck Dynasty!

So I’m eighteen weeks and four days pregnant. It’s kind of insane. My stomach is growing and it’s extremely obvious..I mean, especially with twins and the fact that I am typically about 100 pounds at 5’0! I love being pregnant.

I work as a seventh grade teacher a middle school and being pregnant at work has been kind of interesting. Why? Because I literally can’t walk in the hallways, make copies, or pretty much do anything without getting stopped every couple of minutes because someone wants to talk about the pregnancy or ask me about a zillion questions. I love the fact that people at my job care so much about me..but it makes it very difficult to get things done. I’ve started to get to my job super early so that I can try to accomplish some things while the building is fairly empty. During my prep periods, which happens at be at the end of the day, people are constantly in and out of my room..it can be just a bit overwhelming. When I try to leave, it’s the same thing. People wanting to give me advice, ask a lot of questions..etc. I don’t mind it once in awhile but all the time can be crazyyyyyyy. I’m really grateful to be pregnant and this just comes with the territory I suppose!

Hearing people’s reactions to me being pregnant with twins is always interesting. Today this really annoying lady who comes in to substitute often was like, “You think you’re getting it done with one shot but wait until they actually get here. You will have no idea..” WHY do people feel the need to make these rude comments? My personal favorites is in the middle of the school day, smack in the middle of the hallway: “Do you plan on having a C section?” Um…really? I kind of feel like people simply do not know boundaries at times.

Today my students officially found out from me that I’m pregnant. They all knew anyway because of the rumor mill but we never “talked” about it and I never said anything about it. I just kept getting bigger each day. And their stares would get bigger each day. Quite hilarious. I’ve had to start wearing maternity clothes as well so my bump is especially accentuated. Yesterday a student said, “Mrs. L…you kind of look really pregnant today.” My response was, “That’s because I AM pregnant.” Then they all looked at me and said, “Congratulations!!” They were so happy which was cute. Today my other class was giving me a hard time (teasingly) about my sleeveless dress because our principal jumped on the announcements to lecture them about “proper spring attire” and I said, “Look..I’m pregnant and having hot flashes. Cut me a break!” lol to that, they all burst into applause and were so psyched. My last class said, “Mrs. Lopez….are you sure you’re not pregnant?” (Um, I never said I wasn’t pregnant!) and I said, “Okay everyone, here we go. I’m pregnant with twins!” and to that they got all out of control and started clapping as well. It made for a cute day with them. I know all of my students knew anyway, but I guess they wanted to hear it from me! My students from last year stop me in the hallway and make a scene when they see me: “OhMYGOD Mrs. L!!!” lol…it’s been quite interesting walking in the hallway. Always makes for some good times!!

How Far Along: 18 Weeks and 3 Days!

Symptoms: No more morning sickness! Increased hunger of course and still feeling tired, but the fatigue is not as bad.

Maternity clothes: Here are some more things my mom got for me:

maternity blackandwhitematernity simpleblackmaternity

I wore the black dress and the blue and navy dress to work and they were a hit and honestly..so comfortable! Dresses are going be the way to go for me for sure.

Cravings: Lots of chocolate..but I try to moderate it!! Also, Chocolate Soy Milk! YUMMY in my TUMMY. I never even used to like Soy Milk ever..but it’s yummy and good for me so score!

Purchases: Still nothing! We will be registering soon though! Everyone keeps bugging us.

Doctor’s appointments: Not quite.. However, my husband scheduled an ultrasound for me at a private facility that specializes in 3D Ultrasounds, prenatal massages and care, and pretty much is a place you can go to get pampered as a pregnant woman. We were able to have a gender determination and see the babies kicking around and being active and oh so amazing. It was great. So I will be revealing the genders soon!

Here are some preggers pics (Easter Weekend) of me and the hubster. They’re not that great quality but here they are!

DSC01173 DSC01180

We have a new obsession…the show Duck Dynasty is AMAZING! Man, we have been missing out! Not anymore. For any Duck Dynasty fans out there, here you are:


And with that, I leave you all. Have a lovely night!


5 thoughts on “18 Weeks, Being Pregnant as a Teacher, and Duck Dynasty!

  1. K says:

    Omg! I teach seventh grade and I’m pregnant with twins too! That’s too funny. My students were adorable with their rumors and asking how I feel every day. (I had terrible morning sickness and they knew it.)

    • roadtofertility says:

      Lol so did my students! I would have to leave the room often, was constantly eating crackers and always had a ginger ale on my desk. They were so suspicious because it was before I was showing too much

    • roadtofertility says:

      Aw!! Yeah it’s really exciting as it grows and you see your body change. Finding clothes that fit as time progresses is interesting! Lol. Congrats on being pretty much done with the first trimester! Yay!

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