Holy Belly and Happy Easter!


This is me at 17 weeks! Happy Easter!! Christ is risen!!

Last year during this time my husband and I were preparing to see the fertility specialist. We had an activity at our church called, “Nail it to the cross” where we could nail (or better yet, thumbtack lol) our petitions to the cross. My petition last year was to be pregnant with a healthy baby..and here I am, pregnant with TWO healthy babies. My petition this year was for a FULL TERM healthy pregnancy. I have so many people trying to tell me that I will without a doubt go on bed rest, and that I will have trouble doing xyz and whatever else and it gets annoying. I would rather here positive comments than negative so one of my prayers is that  would have a FULL TERM pregnancy. First off, for the sake of my precious babies..secondly..because I would love to just prove the naysayers wrong. Every twin pregnancy does not have to result in bed rest and premature delivery. Does it happen? Yes. But I am trying to focus on the positive more than anything.

As I reflect though, I am SO grateful for God answering our prayers and hearing our heart’s cry and blessing us. I continue to pray every day for my precious babies. Those who have dealt with infertility know that it is a daily battle to not feel fearful or let anxiety overtake you..but I am taking it day by day and feeling really good.

Of course today I was talking to another woman at my church who is about my age and has a son. She had two miscarriages prior to her son and of course I chose today to ask her about her prior complications because we were discussing all these things related to birth..she walked me through everything she went through and I kicked myself the whole time for asking about it..but I was really curious because she had spoken about it before but her and I never really got to talk in depth..so today she shared some of what she went through. My heart really broke for her…I have experienced a chemical pregnancy and have dealt with infertility and know how awful it is..but she was much further along her pregnancy so I cannot even imagine how she felt. Nonetheless, I was so happy to see the end result and her healthy gorgeous little boy. There truly IS light at the end of the tunnel. I absolutely cannot wait to get to meet these two! Can I please please fast forward to 38 weeks?! I am enjoying this pregnancy but I want to meet my little ones!!

I have off this week so expect lots of blogs! God is good and I hope everyone had a beautiful resurrection Sunday!


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