Dealing with a cold while fun!

So I am on day 5 of this horrible cold! No bueno! I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed me Robitussen and Amoxicillen 500 mg for some sinus infection issues and others problems I’m having. So my doctor prescribes me medicine and I call my ob gyn just to make sure that all the meds were okay for me to take…what do I get ? Voicemail. I literally called them when they opened at 9…tried again at 10…called and pretended I needed an appointment just so I could actually talked to a living human being. I spoke to the front desk person and told her I had been trying to get a hold of someone and simply wanted to know if I could take the meds prescribe. She gave me a big speech about the nurse being with a patient (um…there is more than one nurse there!) and how hey we’re backed up and blah blah blah. What if I had a serious question pertaining to bleeding or something even more intense? They advise you to call them about absolutely everything and anything and then are really inaccessible! They called me back three hours later.

I guess I was spoiled by my RE. They were so accessible ! I could email them and expect to be emailed back promptly…I could call and actually talk to a living breathing person! I even had the cell phone number of my favorite nurse (I know that’s probably not normal and I’m not expecting it from every nurse lol). It’s just a reality check for me.

My doctor wanted me to take today to rest so no work for me. I hate the fact that I have used so many days this year but it has all been good cause. I want to save my days for maternity leave! But I keep reminding myself I need to remember that the well being of these babies is first and foremost so what the doctor says, I should do!


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