Well Beta # 2 came back at a 546!! That’s pretty amazing! I called my nurse and when I called she said, “Hold on let me check my computer….” and when she came back she said, “Damn girl, you’re at a 546!” In my opinion, that is an amazing second beta! Could it be, that 2013 is going to bring us a baby that we have longed for? This is the FURTHERST my husband and I have gotten in this whole process. I am ELATED!! Only two people know, my husband’s boss who is a good friend and who has been asking and rooting for us this whole time…and my good friend who is currently pregnant. Our best friends would absolutely KILL us is they found out they were not the first ones to know! The only reason my friend knew about it was because I asked her some questions during my 2WW about pregnancy symptoms and told her a bit about it. We are going in for another beta on Wednesday. I feel like I can finally start to feel some true excitement and I feel like it’s finally happening for us! Finally!! I have something to celebrate in this new year! Of course…now I want to see the ultrasound so it can feel more official. Nonetheless, thank you Lord!


6 thoughts on “Beta # 2 – It’s OFFICIAL. I AM PREGNANT!

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