Beta # 1…feeling hope again!

Beta number one was 126 and my progesterone was over 50 which they said was a good thing! I wish I could say I felt out of the water but the truth is that because I experienced a c/p the first time around, I really want to see beta # 2 and beta # 3 as well so that I can make sure that these numbers are doubling! Some good signs this time around: no spotting. Though spotting is completely normal, I did spot during my first IVF and it ended up being a chemical pregnancy and it made me freak out the whole time because I kept feeling like I was getting my period!! This time around, I have not spotted even once. I KNOW spotting is normal, but I would prefer not to spot and I’m happy that his time around that I am not. My cramps have also subdued as well. Now I just feel a lot of exhaustion and tiredness. I really need to work on staying more hydrated as well.
 It was hard to keep the good news in when the phone call came because we were with our best friends but I played it off really well. We really don’t want to tell anyone until we are done with the first trimester. That sounds like a long time but after the first trimester the risk of miscarriage drops to like 1% from what I heard. On top of that, I will have to deal with how my best friends will feel that we have hidden everything from them. Not sure how they will feel about it but we plan on carefully explaining WHY we did it. Otherwise, we are feeling hopeful and happy today.



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