One week away.

As of tomorrow I will be one week away from my frozen embryo transfer. I have one more appointment on Wednesday to check out my lining and then everything will move on as planned! I’m very hopeful that this is going to work out for us this time around. We have not spoken to anyone about our FET. No one that we are close to knows. None of our family, not our Pastors…no one. The only people that know are one teacher from my school and one of the secretaries, since I have had to keep her aware because of the days I’m missing. What’s really kind of helped me out is that this particular secretary has gone through infertility and used my doctor to become pregnant (fourteen years ago!) so she has been very sympathetic to my struggles. Can I please fast forward to the end of December when I find out my results?

I’m ready to be done taking meds but I know that that is definitely not going to happen anytime son. I’ve had to set reminders on my phone just to remember what to take and when. I was freaking out this morning because I think I forgot to take my thyroid medicine yesterday…I hope it doesn’t throw anything off! Other than that, I’m excited. Have a good week everyone 🙂


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