Day 4 of cold. NOOO.


Had to post this picture. Because I love the office. ❤

So today is Day 4 of this nasty cold. NOOOOO. I think what really pushed it over the edge was teaching Sunday School yesterday because after Sunday School I pretty much lost my voice.

I called my RE today to find out a couple things that have been plaguing my mind since this cold started – how will this cold affect my embies? Should I take medicine or ride this thing out? Should I make an appointment with my doctors? They told me that I should treat my body like I’m pregnant and I can take meds if I need too, but to make sure that the meds are approved for pregnant women. I explained why I didn’t want to go to my regular doctor. First off, she always throws meds at me. If I tell her that I can’t take certain meds because I could possibly be pregnant, she will make me take a pregnancy test and I don’t want to take one until my appointment on Friday. I’m pretty sure I have the common cold, I don’t have much of a fever at all. Just my head hurts and a stuffy nose and sore throat. They agreed that I should get rest and relax until my test.

Work was extra difficult today. First of all, as a Language Arts teacher part of our curriculum is reading out loud to the students for about thirty minutes. Since I teach middle school I have to do this three times a day. This doesn’t count giving out instructions, meeting with Guided Reading groups and more. Needless to say, by the end of the day I could only whisper which made for a very interesting day. I had Bible class tonight but I cancelled so that I can rest. After updating this blog my plans for the night – SLEEPING! Very excited about doing so.

One thing that also made me nervous was that I felt slight cramping this morning. I’m hoping that it is the embryos implanting and nothing more. Please keep me in prayer! Trusting God and doing my best to stay positive about everything. There has been no spotting or anything though, so that is a good sign. Looking forward to Friday. Can’t say that enough. God Bless everyone!


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