Very cool.


So today on our way home from church my husband told me that Nick Vujicic, Christian author of the Book “Life Without Limbs” and motivational speaker, got married this year!

I’m really happy about this because I remember hearing him speak a couple of years ago at this event called “Acquire the Fire” and his story really impacted me. He was born without arms or legs but has led an extraordinary life for God. It’s pretty inspiring. He always wondered if he would find anyone that would love him and want to marry him because of the fact that he is limbless. He met and fell in love with his beautiful bride and has the happy ending that he deserves!

Really puts things into perspective for me and makes me think. First, it makes me not want to complain about minor things because if someone like Nick can lead a life full of peace, joy, happiness, and does not sit there and does not sit there and complain or point fingers at God for his condition than I have no reason to complain. Second, it inspires me. What can I do for God? How can I lead a life that impacts others for Him? Hmm…

Super excited about the countdown this week. I have a really busy week ahead of me..Bible class tomorrow night, Sunday school leaders meeting Tuesday, worship practice before church on Wednesday, and a youth service where my husband and I will be helping out with on Friday. In addition, I have an engagement party Saturday. BUT..Friday is the big day!!! I need this week to seriously zoom by. God Bless !


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