Colds and Fabulous Husbands

At the moment I am currently dealing with a cold/flu which could not have come at the worst time ever! I was really worried about how this would affect the embies but after some research I found out that I should be okay. I just need to take care of myself, rest, drink fluids, etc. But still deep down I’m thinking, that the timing stinks! I usually get sick during this time of the year as a teacher, dealing with students and all of their germs. I take extra precautions but the cold still comes for me! For those reading, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

On a positive note, I feel like I have the best husband ever. Throughout this whole process he has been so supportive and so selfless and amazing. Our schedule is pretty intense typically. For example..Monday nights I have bible class. Tuesday night worship practice. Wednesday night Church. Thursday night once a month Book Club, Friday once a month we help out with the youth at our church, and Sunday we have service. This week was also Back to School Night! Hubby had laundry done, dinner cooked, house cleaned, dishes done…pretty much I was able to come home and actually relax without having to do anything! My husband has an intense job himself, he is a store manager working towards a promotion and works a grueling schedule. During his downtime he could choose to relax and do what he wants to do, but instead he decides to help me out. I feel grateful. Plus, he’s the ones that gave me all my IVF shots from beginning to end..he still gives me the Progesterone shot and I know for a fact, that giving a needle to someone you love is NEVER  fun thing. Yet, he’s done a fantastic job with it. I feel grateful. When we are finally blessed with a precious baby I know he is going to be an amazing Dad because he is pretty selfless when it comes to me. Today I’m going to make him one of his favorite dinners and make sure he just relaxes!

Happy Saturday!


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